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Our primary focus at this time is helping Bishop Griselda secure partner Churches for ALL churches across Cuba, that will not only support the church with prayers and visits, but also financially, as their needs are great.  To facilitate this, we have classified each church based on their current state of disrepair/needs.  


We ask that you consider a three-four year financial partnership.  We hope during that period, you will establish a strong relationship with your partner church, and subsequently want to renew your commitment to supporting the church on an ongoing basis.

This is the most immediate and effective way to help support the ECC!

Priority Companionship


A  |  Critical  |  $45k-$80k
San Jorge, Bartle
B  | Major Repairs  |  $25k-$40k
San Joaquín, Bayamo
La Transfiguración, Tabor
San Miguel, Nuevitas
San Lucas, Ciego de Ávila
C  |  Minor Repairs  |  $10k-$20k
Santa María, Perea
Buen Pastor, Esmeralda
D  |  Good Condition  |  $5k-$8k
Santa María de la Gracia, Céspedes
Santiago Apóstol, Baraguá

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