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San Joaquín Episcopal Church 

Bayamo, Cuba

Seminarian Noel Josué Rodríguez Santos, leads the Church, under the pastoral supervision of Rev. Halbert Pons Santana

The Rev. Juan Ramón de la Paz Cerezo founded this church in 2007. Initially, the faithful would gather in the home of its members and leader, until the house was donated and became the home of the same Rev. Juan Ramón. Located in the center of the city of Bayamo, it is now being prepared to be converted to a church. 

This congregation was recognized as a mission of the Episcopal Church in 2012. It is a congregation that the diocese holds in profound gratitude, since before it was recognized as a mission, it made an annual contribution to the diocesan treasury to help sustain the Episcopal Diocese of Cuba. This is a community with much human and spiritual potential, steadily being discovered and put into the service of God. 

In the future, it will have a water purification system thanks to the generosity of the Episcopal Diocese of Minnesota.  At this time, its most significant challenge is the completion of the construction of the church and rectory buildings 

Classification: B

Nearest Airport(s):
Holguin, Approx. 1 hour

- Church Building to be completed

- Rectory in progress


Cost Range:

$25,000 - $40,000

Current partner(s): 

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