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San Jorge Parish 

Bartle, Cuba

Rev. Yordanis Acosta Porta


Located in the Cuban Province of Las Tunas, about a day's drive from Havana, Bartle is a former agricultural village along the railroad tracks, now suffering from rampant unemployment.  The town itself is laid out in a grid format with some paved roads, but many now mostly dirt.  A small wooden church was once a part of the community, but over the years, the building collapsed.

However, the Episcopal community there is thriving!  A vibrant community meets in an open air palapa behind the home of an elderly parishioner.  A water purification system was installed in Feb. 2019 at the home of another church member.

The church and community are incredibly warm and welcoming, hosting dinners and talent shows for US visiting churches.  They care for their elderly and developmentally disabled neighbors.  This community and its spirit will capture your heart.

Rev. Yordanis is a caring rector to this community.  Plans are in place to purchase an existing home to convert into a worship and community space.  Property has been identified.  An immediate investment of $10,000 is urgently needed to secure the property.  Additional funds will be needed over the next 3-5 years to transform the house into a church, and to relocate the water purification system.

Classification: A

Nearest Airport(s):
Camagüey, approx. 1.5 hrs.

- Church building

- Rectory


Cost Range:


Current partner(s): 

None at present

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