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Summer Camp in Cuba

Between July 31 and August 3 a group of 20 adolescents and 8 guides (priests and support staff) celebrated the 2023 summer camp at the facilities of the Church of Quaker Friends in the city of Puerto Padre. This year's theme was TOGETHER IN THE PATH OF LOVE. They were days spent sharing the faith and the experience of following Christ in the midst of the challenging reality that each young person lives in their family and Church.

Amongst the many activities, the group worshipped together; went for a hike around the city; visited the local Zoo and amusement park; and spent time together on the beach.

Training was given on the history of the Anglican Church and on the importance of caring for God's creation. There were fun competitions on a variety of topics such as: liturgy, the Bible and Anglicanism.

There was a talent night where participants from each Church presented poetry, songs and plays.

The clergy leading the camp want to express their sincere gratitude for the generous help of those who, in love and companionship, donated funds to carry out this camp. It was a wonderful experience, and one that we look forward to repeating every summer.

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