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A post election reflection from Bishop Griselda

May everything be for the better from now on.

For your country, your environment and for the life of the Church.

May God put in all hearts the desire to work, love, share, respect differences, care for each other, celebrate the multiple gifts that each one has.

May God ignite in everyone's spirits the Spirit of Christ, in such a way that they learn from their values ​​and each person serves the other in the sincerity of life and brotherhood. That everyone appreciate the life of others, and that everyone make their children grow in kindness and respect.

May all divisions be transformed, may every wound and infection be healed, may every ailment that breaks the soul heal.

May generous hands do this work in all places and at all times.

May everyone find in the values ​​of the Gospel of Jesus, the values ​​of their own existence. And be grateful to God for all our gifts, because these are not for us to accumulate excessively but to share and cooperate. They are not ours, they belong to God, our Creator, our refuge and strength.

With all my heart,

+ María Griselda

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