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  • Rev. Juan Ramon de la Paz

Passing of Bishop Emilio Hernandez Albalate - Bishop of Cuba 1980-1993

Bishop Emilio Hernández Albalate, a Pastor of his Town.

On April 18, 2018, this servant of God, and Bishop of the Episcopal Church of Cuba from 1980 to 1993, passed into eternity. He leaves a trail of affection and good memories for his special pastoral gift, the kind and gentle treatment of his people, as well as the love and warmth of his wife Edivia Mesa and their family.

The Diocesan family remembers him for his simplicity and solidarity, for his sensitivity to the problems and anxieties of clerics and lay people alike.

He leaves a legacy of strong ecclesial work across all aspects of Diocesan life:

  • Singing in the liturgy of the Cuban Mass both poetically and with deep Creole tonalities.

  • Ordaining of the first women to the Diaconate and Presbyterate, a true milestone in all the history of the Church.

  • Creating a solid movement of Fellowship in Mission in inter-Anglican relations, based not on superficial activism, but on serious relations between equals, and frank exchanges at the same level and dignity.

  • Reorganizing the Episcopal Women and Youth Movement with new concepts, vision, projects, and leaders.

  • Creating the New Ministries movement, which raised the theological and conscious commitment level and ordination of worker-ministers, who did not give up their secular work, and served the Church with loyalty and dedication.

  • Beginning dialogue with popular religions, the Afro-Cuban religions, and the Cuban spiritism in its varieties.

  • Returning the Diocese to the Ecumenical Council, today the Council of Churches of Cuba, and active participation in the ecumenical movement at its various levels.

  • Growing, solid and renewed relations with the Metropolitan Council, and the Anglican Church of Canada.

  • Renewing participation in the Seminary of Matanzas with the commitment of new teachers and students, that for a long time we did not have in the Institution.

Eternal Glory to Bishop Emilio!

Rev. Juan Ramón de la Paz

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