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Santa María Episcopal Church 

Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Rev. Halbert Pons Santana, Pastor

The Church was founded in 1912 by the Rev. Juan Bautista Mancebo. At first, the congregation met in a house, until 1922 when they moved to the neighborhood of Veguita de Galo once the construction of the current church was finished.


The parish was established in 1995. From its beginnings, the strong Antillean presence of its members marked the liturgy and spirituality of the congregation to the point that everyone in the city knows it as "the church of the Jamaicans.“


It has always had an important social presence, especially with the Hulse School for the poor children in the neighborhood. During its existence it gave several of its children to the Ordained Ministry of the Church as well as having a strong lay ministry. Its members have been blessed by artistic talent, which is why they have a wonderful choir, groups of theater and dance which are partly comprised by adolescents and young people.


Another important ministry is the Nursery "Hijos de María" where 25 children and their families benefit; And care for the elderly is a job that is highly appreciated by all.The Church has the invaluable service of "Purified Water" thanks to the generosity of the Diocese of Minnesota and Rotary International.

Classification: D

Nearest Airport(s):
Santiago de Cuba, approx. 1 hr.

- Church building


Cost Range:

$5,000 - $8,000

Current partner(s): 
- Diocese of Minnesota

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