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San Lucas Episcopal Church 

Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Rev. Halbert Pons Santana, Pastor

San Lucas was founded in 1916 by Rev. Juan Bautista Mancebo.  Connected to the church itself was a school of the same name that for many years educated boys and girls to serve God and Country.  

It was designated a parish in 1995.  As San Lucas has matured, it has been able to provide financial and ‘people’ assistance for projects in the diocese and in the province, helping to rescue congregations that have been closed for many years.

Currently, as a result of San Lucas’s fellowship with The Church of Christ in Cedar Key, USA; the Missionary Development Project; and many friends, the parish has been able to modernize its facilities to better serve a greater number of people through programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, older adults, youth groups, and children.  The church has become a symbol of missionary and community work.

In the parish a variety of development projects take place that meet the needs of hundreds of elderly, women, and children. There is a nursery; a small factory for food preservation; a laundry for elderly people who have few resources; and a water purification system thanks to the generosity of the diocese of Minnesota.

In spite of having a satisfactory situation in its general infrastructure, there is a need to renovate the guest house; remodel the nursery school; and create two new classrooms for formation and training. 

Classification: D

Nearest Airport(s):
Santiago de Cuba

- Expansion and maintenance of the church

- Construction of a rectory


Cost Range:

$5,000 - $10,000

Current partner(s): 
- Christ Church, Cedar Key, FL


- Diocese of Minnesota    

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