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Santa Cruz del Norte Episcopal Church 

Santa Cruz del Norte, Cuba

Rev. Frank Fernández Triana, Pastor

Santa Cruz del Norte is situated about an hour to the north of Havana in a prosperous town on the coast.  Main industries in the town are Rum 
production, oil, and tourism.


The church was originally paid for and built by the people of the town.  
In 1948 a group of 15 young women committed to never letting the 
doors of  the church close, regardless of the challenges and risks 
associated with that move.  Their names are engraved on the pews.  


The last surviving woman died in 2012, held Frank’s hand, and 
declared as she passed away – “I now hand the church over to you!”


Today, children – the future of the church – are not allowed to attend
the  church.  The rebar is so rotten, it is expanding rapidly, launching 
large fragments of cement from the walls and ceiling that could injure 
Them.  The front and back walls are collapsing.


There is a space behind the church for a classroom/activity room with 3 to 4 guest rooms above (to generate on-going revenue to support the 
church).  That will be built first.  Services will be held there while the 
current structure is removed and replaced.


Classification: A

Nearest Airport(s):
Havana, ~1.5 hours

- Total reconstruction of church and rectory.

- Addition of classroom/ activity room

- Addition of four guest rooms with bathrooms

Cost Range:

$50,000 - $100,000

Current partner(s): 
- St. Luke's Darien, CT 

- Grace Church, Jacksonville, FL (prayers)

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