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San Bernabé Episcopal Church 

Sancti Espiritus, Cuba

Rev. Gilberto Junco, Pastor

This has been a “wandering” church. Since the 1980s  when the San Bernabé Episcopal Mission began in the central region of the country, it gathered in different houses and even in a coffee plantation that served as a refuge for the work of the church.

For 16 years the family of Mrs. Esther Cancio received the Mission of San Bernabé in her house until in January of 2015, when another property was acquired to build the church in Sancti Espíritus, thanks to the funds received from the Church of Saint Michael and all the Angels of Dallas, Texas.

The remodeling of the building allowed the Consecration of the church on June 11, 2016.

For several years San Bernabé has maintained an ecumenical collaboration through the friendship of the Presbyterian and Baptist Churches of the city.

The installation of a purified water system, thanks to the efforts of Mark Pendleton, has had a big social impact on the life of the community.

Classification: E

Nearest Airport(s):
Santa Clara, 1.5 hrs.

- Church building

- Rectory updates


Cost Range:

$3,000 - $5,000

Current partner(s): 
- St. Michael’s, Dallas TX


- All Saints, Jacksonville, FL (prayers)     

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