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St. David's Radnor PA launches companionship with Igelsia Santa Maria in Rodas

Despite a few set backs, we had a wonderful trip to Cuba. Please click on the link below to see a video of our first adventure to our new companionship parish - Iglesia Santa Maria in Rodas.

- Customs kept most parts of three water systems, most likely due to two new head bosses in Customs in Havana. Only allowed to bring in two systems in the future at one time. Bishop Griselda working to free three systems this week. - Two buses broke down, got replacement buses right away. - Spent Monday night at the Cathedral Guest House. First occupants of the dorm room - just beautiful and comfortable. - Got the water system infrastructure in place in Rodas, painted the outside of the church, weeded gardens, shared wonderful services and fellowship in Cienfuegos and Rodas.

Great start to a companion parish relationship. Rev. Hunco and his wife are the best. Our team of eleven fell in love with Cuba and our partners. We’re ready to raise funds for a new bus.

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