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Mission Trips Return to Cuba - St. Augustine, Fl

Since the start of the Covid pandemic three years ago, visiting mission groups have been hesitant to strain the limited resources of our brothers and sisters in Cuba. Last Fall, however, mission trips began in earnest. The teams traveling have been smaller than pre-Covid trips, due to the extreme shortages in Cuba of food and gasoline. Groups traveling have been focused on bringing much needed supplies, including over the counter medicines and prescription drugs, food supplies (tuna, beans, Crisco shortening, coffee) water system replacement filters and parts, personal items such as soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, but most importantly, HOPE.

Trinity Church, St. Augustine, Fl visited their companion parish of Bacuranao outside of Havana in November 2022 and have returned this month for another mission trip. They are renovating the church and installing a water purification system. See the video of their project here:

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