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  • Patricia Cage

Iglesia Jesus Nazareno re-opens in December thanks to the companionship of All Soul's, Washington DC

On December 29th, Iglesia Jesus Nazareno, in the bustling city of Santa Clara, reopened after having been closed and deteriorating for the past several years. The celebration was the exciting culmination of a dramatic renovation and refurbishment program through the loving support of All Soul's, Washington DC - who entered into a companion relationship with Jesus Nazareno in early 2019.

The transformation you see above is just the beginning of rebuilding this community. During the renovation process, neighbors and former parishioners began to come to the church site, inquiring about the reopening. A water purification system was installed and the surrounding community immediately began to receive the precious gift of clean, safe water. With the temple grounds ready to receive worshipers, Rev. Gerardo Logildes will begin to rebuild the church community in this large and vibrant Cuban city. There is still much work to be done, but with this partnership, everything is possible.

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