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  • Mark Pendleton

A 'hoppy' solution to the food shortage in Cuba

In 1987 I spent a year at the seminary in Matanzas and one of my classmates then was Evelio Perez, now the Rev. Eveilo in Camaguey. Evelio sent me a project proposal in May of this year for $1000 that would go towards the purchases of cages/coops to raise chickens for the purposes of providing vulnerable church families with needed animal protein. We know of the food shortages that plague the island, especially during times of Covid. Christ Church in Exeter New Hampshire donated the funds and although chickens were not available, rabbits were a good replacement. The rabbits are now doing what these small animals do -- multiplying! -- as are the blessings from this partnership. As with everything on this island, a little can go a long way. The Rev. Mark Pendleton

Picture of church members in Camaguey

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