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  • Jeremy Cage

6 Water Purification Systems installed in 2 weeks!

We are excited to share and celebrate the news that over the past 2 weeks, 6 complete water purification systems have been installed in rural Cuba - where the need for clean, safe drinking water is absolutely critical. A team from St. David's Church of Radner, PA and the Clean Drinking Water Team installed systems in Moron, Jiqui and Ciego de Avila. Meanwhile, a team from the Friends of the Episcopal Church of Cuba installed systems in Jobabo, Bartle and Manati. In addition to water purification systems, both teams delivered gifts of vitamins, analgesics, and baseball gear (bats, gloves and balls) for the children. For perspective, a leather bound baseball costs the equivalent of a month's salary for many of the families in these communities.

With these six installations, the Episcopal Church now has 32 water purification systems in Cuba - offering clean, safe and free drinking water to hundreds of thousands of Cubans per year. For every installation, the local

communities not only prepare the site, but also train key parishioners on how to manage and maintain the system. Each installation is unique in its own special way - but without exception, people of all ages show up to help, to learn, to celebrate, and simply to be in community with each other.

Our objective is to continue expanding this life-giving program until there are water purification systems in all 52 Episcopal Communities across Cuba. If you or your church are interested in donating or helping raise the funds for a complete system ($5,000), please contact us at

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