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10th Anniversary of Living Waters for St. John's Tallahassee

An exciting update from St. John's Tallahassee regarding their companionship with San Pedro Apostol in Zorilla.

November 2023 is the 10th anniversary of the installation of the Living Waters for the World water treatment system at St. John’s companion church, San Pedro Apóstol in Zorrilla, Cuba. Parishioner Tyler Macmillan will lead a team to Zorrilla from November 7 to 14 to celebrate that anniversary. This will be the first St. John’s team to benefit from the reconfiguration of Zorrilla’s water treatment system, a project that has taken several months to complete.

The original steel platform that held the two elevated 1,500-litre tanks for the system has been suffering from serious rust and degradation. During a visit in early 2023, St. John’s parishioners committed funds to upgrade the system. Our awesome partners in Cuba set about making improvements by building a concrete platform that is much more sturdy and durable.

Our companion parish also built and plumbed a beautiful new bottle-filling station located outside the church’s outdoor meeting space.

Many thanks to all who contributed to this project, prayed for this project and otherwise supported it. And kudos to the talented individuals from our companion parish who worked on the project. Our team cannot wait to see it in person!

In addition to Tyler, the St. John’s Cuba mission team includes Marissa Hall, Heather Jordan, Brad and Kate Kile, Mother Leslie Roraback, and Francine Walker. Marissa Hall recently attended Clean Water University in Johnsonburg, New Jersey, so she will lead the mission team in providing “refresher” training sessions and children’s activities for our companion parishioners during the November trip.

St. John’s will also bring some much-needed humanitarian aid for our Zorrilla family, including over-the-counter medications and food items.

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