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San Miguel Episcopal Church 

Nuevitas, Cuba

Rev. Armando Alfonso Delgado Orozco is the priest of the Mission. (the first Episcopal priest residing in Nuevitas)

According to the Parish Register and the testimony of descendants of British Antilles, the beginnings of the Episcopal presence in Nuevitas date back to the second decade of the last century.


In 1932 regular missionary work began with the local settlers in this land [peninsula] surrounded by sea.



Currently, the Mission of San Miguel is made up mostly of adults - average age of 45, but also young men and women. The cultural level is varied, ranging from professors, teachers (active and retired), workers, housewives; and workers with commercial activities that implement socio-economic initiatives providing humanitarian aid to vulnerable people.



The worship space is in good condition and is well suited to its functions, but with the growth of the congregation another larger room is hoped for, which is the dream of its members.



In recent years the Church has encouraged missionary work with sustainable agriculture projects and savings [micro-lending]  groups.

Classification: C

Nearest Airport(s):
Camagüey, approx. 1 hr.

- Church building



Cost Range:

$10,000 - $20,000

Current partner(s): 
- •St. James, Lake City FL (prayers)

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