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La Resurrección Episcopal Church 

Luyanó, Havana, Cuba

Rev. Rev. Iván González Tassé, Pastor

At its founding, in February 1895 by the patriot missionary Rev. Juan Bautista Báez, a Cuban emigré living in Key West, the church was called "El Calvario“.  In 2014 the name was changed to “La Resurrección.”


In 1904 a Mission was established in Cuba [by the USA] and a Bishop was appointed in the person of Rev. Albion W. Knight, who was sent to the island on January 5, 1905.  The following year a Seminary of theological studies was instituted on the premises of this church where numerous leaders of the Episcopal Church studied.

In 1912 the Rev. Francisco Diaz Vólero founded a school with the same name of the church for the children of the neighborhood of Luyanó.

In 1980 the church was demolished due to grave construction concerns. The congregation dispersed and with it we lost 96 years of Anglican history, formation and evangelization.


Thanks to the efforts of the Rev. Peter Clarkson of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Great Britain, it was possible to raise funds to rebuild a new church, which was built and consecrated in Easter of 2014. Today, the most critical situation exists in the rectory area due to the poor construction of both walls and ceilings.

Classification: E

Nearest Airport(s):
Havana, 30 min.

- Minor renovations for the church

- Rebuilding areas of the rectory


Cost Range:

$2,500 - $3,500

Current partner(s): 
- St. Paul’s Federal Point, FL


- Reform Church of England

- The Azrob Fund, UK      

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