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Catedral Santísima Trinidad 

Havana, Cuba

Rev. José Ángel Gutierrez, Dean

This Episcopal Cathedral is located in the center of Havana, in the Vedado district.  This is the seat of the Episcopal Church in Cuba, and is located on the same grounds as the Diocesan center.

The Episcopal Cathedral in Havana holds services throughout the week, and holds theology classes on Saturdays. They are intended primarily to form their own people in ministry, but the classes are open to all comers. There is a steady stream of university students who attend faithfully. There is an intense curiosity about Christianity (and other faith practices) on the part of a generation of young people who are virtual blank slates, who did not grow up with it, for whom it is a fresh novelty rather than an artifact of cultural baggage.

The Cathedral has no partner churches in the US – and while the basic structure is sound, the cathedral, the rectory and the grounds are all in need of substantial renovation

Classification: B

Nearest Airport(s):

- Substantial renovation to both the Cathedral and Bishop's residence 


Cost Range:

$50,000 - $90,000

Current partner(s): 

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