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  • Mark Pendleton

Diocese of New Hampshire approves 2 grants for Cuba

Christ Church receives $6,000 grant for feeding programs

The Sustainability Development Goal Committee of the Diocese of NH approved the following grants of $3000 each for Breakfast Project at The Good Shepherd Church in Esmeralda Municipality and the Rabbit Project in Camaguey.

The Breakfast Project provides a free breakfast for more than 12 poor village elders, Monday through Friday. The program was launched by funding from a parishioner of Christ Church Exeter in April 2019 and received SDG funding in the past. Yet conditions are even more difficult today. Cuba is undergoing unprecedented food shortages and hardships—the worst since the breakup of the Soviet Union—due to COVID and the economic pressures applied by the previous Administration that has not been rescinded by the Biden administration. In addition, political oppression from the Cuban government is increasing as street protest increase. Through this continuing grant we would like to provide more opportunities and resources to support La Iglesia Episcopal de Cuba, strengthening our commitment to global partnerships.’

The Rabbit Project in Camaguey: A member of Christ Church funded the startup of this project back in 2020 before COVID. The Rev. Evelio Perez had planned to purchase cages/coops to raise chickens for the purpose of providing vulnerable church families with needed animal protein. In the end, chickens were not available, so Rev. Evelio substituted with rabbits, and rabbits did what rabbits do -- they multiplied. Sadly, we learned in September 2021 that out of desperation and hunger, thieves broke into the church yard and stole all the rabbits and damaged some of the cages. The parish was devastated. This grant will fund the purchase of new animals, feed, and fix the broken cages.

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