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  • Patricia Cage

Cuba welcomed back!


It is with great enthusiasm and full hearts that we announce the full reunification of the Episcopal Church of Cuba with The Episcopal Church effective immediately at the 79th General Convention!

It was a week of great anxiety and stress for Bishop Griselda and team as the initial Task Force resolution was met with a question of Constitutionality. But the Cuba Committee was very dedicated to their work, listened with great interest to all who testified and, in an effort to honor the constitutional concerns, was planning to put forth a resolution that would require final reconciliation at the 2021 Convention. But at the last minute, after five long days of hearing, discussions, and testimony, the Committee decided that they wanted to pursue reunification for Cuba NOW! A new resolution (A238) was written and submitted Sunday night, with a final hearing on Monday morning. The resolution was unanimously approved by the House of Bishops on Tuesday afternoon. Bishop Griselda was immediately asked by Bishop Curry to take her place in the House of Bishops. The House of Deputies met on Wednesday morning and also unanimously approved the resolution. CUBA SI!! CUBA NOW!!

We have a lot to celebrate!! And a lot of opportunity ahead of us to continue to Support the Episcopal Church of Cuba. So please continue to watch this website and read our updates.

Thank you for your prayers and support of the Episcopal Church of Cuba!

Please click on the link below to view the House of Bishops Discussion (click on Bishops, then the afternoon session of July 10th) We think you will find it to be a very moving and emotional 45 minutes. Cuba coverage begins at minute 27.

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