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  • Jeremy Cage

FECC now a 501C3 and able to wire funds to Cuba.

501C3 Status, Wire Transfers and 'Donate Now' Capability on the Website.

After years of hand-carrying envelopes of cash to support companion parishes and projects of the church in Cuba, we are excited to announce that we have successfully put in place a protocol that enables the efficient wire transfer of funds to Cuba. We are also excited to announce that, thanks to the sponsorship of St. Luke's in Darien CT, The Friends of the Episcopal Church of Cuba now has 501C3 status. All donations are therefore tax deductible. Finally, and again thanks to the support of St. Luke's, we have DONATE NOW capability on the website that enables anyone to make a donation to support the Episcopal Church of Cuba. All donations will be processed by St. Luke's, but all are immediately directed to The Friends of the Episcopal Church of Cuba account. Funds can be directed to specific projects and parishes through this process. For any questions, please call Pat Cage at 203 858 5794.

With General Convention rapidly approaching, and the important vote to reconcile and reunite the US and Cuban Episcopal Church, we are currently raising funds for Bishop Griselda's small delegation to travel from Cuba to Austin TX. Any financial assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for your help.

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