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  • Jeremy Cage

Fantastic Ground Breaking for Camp Blankingship

On April 11th, the first of 14 large footings for the Church building were poured - marking the ground-breaking for Camp Blankingship. The week began with it’s own little miracle. The only shade tree on the building site had not a single leaf. Rev. Gerardo Lojildes was concerned about where workers and guests would take refuge from the noonday heat on Ground Breaking day. But on the Sunday evening before, a small rain shower fell, and Monday morning the tree was full of leaves, providing a wonderful canopy of shade. About 60 people, from Churches all over Cuba, as well as some visitors from the US all arrived as the sun was rising - to both celebrate and work! Construction work began following an blessing service led by Bishop Griselda. Throughout the morning, a cooking team fueled everyone - first with sandwiches for merienda, and then by grilling up pork for our midday meal. We enjoyed the BBQ lunch under the shade of a tin roofed shed, that the workers had transformed into a make shift chapel with a wooden cross and roughly hewn wooden benches. Out came the guitars and bongo drums. Hymns and funny songs were sung, capped off by a version of

Guantanamera with lyrics written for the occasion. The two huge footings were completed by about 2pm - after which everyone loaded back up into their buses and vans, and headed back to their communities tired, but excited. Please click here for a more complete report of the day.

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