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Please pray for Camp Blankingship's ground-breaking

We are excited to announce that Wednesday, April 11th, 2018 marks the beginning of construction of : THE NATIONAL CAMP OF THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF CUBA


Bishop Griselda is asking everyone in the Episcopal Family to join in prayer and to be mindful of this important day.

"Our celebration will start very early in the morning where the smelting of several rebars will take place to serve as the base and foundation for the Chapel. Members of nearby communities, as well as some brothers and sisters from Episcopal churches in the United States will be present."

We will open with a Celebration of Thanksgiving to God for permitting this dream to come true. This dream that for almost 60 years so many Episcopalians cherished in their hearts, including Bishop Hugo Blankingship, who had the original vision for the camp and acquired the land in 1959.

The vision for Camp Blankingship is to be a vibrant Episcopal campus of worship and sustainable education (ecological, economic, social and spiritual). Having spent over four years to clear all the internal logistical hurdles, all permits are now secured and thanks to the generosity of the UTO, Trinity Wall Street NY, and St. Luke's, Darien CT, Phase 1 of the camp (A Chapel, dormitories with bathrooms and a kitchen) can now become a reality.

Please click here for the full proclamation from Bishop Griselda.

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