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Dormitory/Laundry Construction update

As many of you know, there is a big project currently underway to completely renovate the dormitories and laundry facilities at the diocesan center in Havana. Here is an update of progress to date from Pepe Bringas.

"We are concluding the phase of Temporary Facilities and beginning on the bedrooms. So far we have:

• 60% of the construction of the Laundry complete. Built all walls, installed cast slab roofs, splashed and surfaced the walls; Hydro-sanitary installation, wall tile and floor installation. The materials to conclude the laundry are on site. Estimated date of completion is April 30.

• 100% enabled areas where the construction materials and work tools will pass through.

• Improved water supply to the dormitory. Filling of the cistern (80,000 liters) was achieved.

• The gates of the two lateral entrances are in the works, but they have not been installed due to delays in the permits of the local authorities.

• Acquired a container (warehouse) for cement, steel, hydraulic and electrical installations.

• 90% budget execution for the phase. Data reconciled with the Treasury of the Diocesan Center, with all supporting information duly documented."

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