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Dream of Camp Blankingship to be realized!

In 1957, Bishop Hugo Blankingship, the last US Bishop in Cuba, acquired 15 acres of land in the center of the country. His vision was to use the property to create a "vibrant Episcopal center of worship and sustainability education" (ecological, economical, social, and spiritual) for generations of Cubans - young and old and to welcome guests from around the world. After 60 years, we are excited to announce that Bishop Blankingship’s dream will finally become a reality. Over the past several years, and thanks to an initial grant from the United Thank Offering, Gerardo Logildes has been overseeing the clearing of the land, the planting of 7 acres of crops, and the installation of water and electricity. This month, the Cuban government has approved and issued the official building permits. And thanks to $400,000 in grants from Trinity Wall Street, New York, NY and St. Luke’s, Darien, CT– Bishop Griselda and her team will be able to break ground this spring on Phase 1 of construction.

Phase 1 includes the construction of a chapel (which will also serve as a multi-purpose educational facility), two dormitories, bathrooms and an outdoor kitchen. This will enable Camp Blankingship to be operational for up to 50 people. The ECC will be able to hold camps for Cubans of all ages, conferences, worship services, and education about sustainability and the land. We invite you to explore some of the plans for Camp Blankingship on the website.

Please join us in celebrating this exciting development in the history of the Episcopal Church of Cuba!

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