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A Christmas Message from Bishop Griselda

We wanted to share with you all Bishop Griselda's Christmas Letter to the Diocese of Cuba.

Dear Children, Adolescents, Young People, Elderly and Adults,

This Christmas, be the LIGHT AND CERTAINTY of the presence of God-with-us, God-with-his-daughters-and-sons, and God with His people in this time of great changes and challenges.

LIGHT and CERTAINTY because Jesus was born from the dark to illuminate the lives of human beings. God raised, from the heart of the night, the real and luminous appearance of his Son Emmanuel to be among us. It's light and certainty because His birth bursts into human history in such a way that it frames a 'before and after' in history, as well as a 'before and after' in the personal history of you who have experienced his call and follow him.

CHRISTMAS IS LIGHT that illuminates even the deepest dark spaces of humankind, and allows you, through that light, to look and recognize yourself, to transform and resize the horizon of your life, and thus discover the immense love of God for each individual, for all of humanity and for all creation.

ADVENT-CHRISTMAS-EPIFANY, in this order, give clarity and meaning to the path that is taken - to your work or studies; to the dreams and decisions that you make; to the values ​​and attitudes that are expressed in your daily tasks; to the service and love that is donated for the good of others; to the love that is shared with family, couples, the elderly and children.

CHRISTMAS - The God-child who is born cries, laughs, loves, feels hungry and cold. He gives meaning to the desire to meet others and get involved in the community of faith. He gives meaning to the need to serve, pray and seek together the paths of justice, truth and the common good in His name. He enables hope, even in the midst of sterile and hostile spaces. With joy, his Gospel is proclaimed and bread is broken in true communion.

That is why the CHRISTMAS of the child Jesus, confirms the immense need of the presence of God in the world and the need for his presence in the current times of today's Cuba. Insensitivity in human relations is growing, faith is often ignored and rejected. Men and women, old and young, immersed in daily life, often full of uncertainties; violence; divided families; erosion of values ​​or lack of hope; are eager to find a way in which they can be sustained. and welcomed by the love of God. Many have heard little or never heard about the Christmas of Jesus, the son of God and its immense significance that shocked and enlightened human destiny. Even fewer are able to be active participants in such hope.

CHRISTMAS IS A PATH THAT CONTINUES through the mission, testimony, teaching, courage, tenderness and love proclaimed by the Church, Body of Christ. Each community throughout the diocese is called to open and illuminate spaces in the hearts of the Cuban people. Today, now and throughout 2018, may each of you be a source of inspiration for others; dissolve the shadows of discouragement; expand the light of Christmas; welcome and serve in sincere love; give firm witness to your faith and proclaim that, with the birth of the Son of God, history has taken another course and there are certain paths that together we can continue building towards the future. Let us present our gratitude to the Eternal God for the Incarnation of his Son in human history. It is Christmas, and time of Epiphany, manifestation and certainty of the presence of God-with-us. Amen!

With all the Love from my heart, + Griselda, Diocesan Bishop.

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