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St. Luke's, Darien CT commits $60,000 to initiate construction of Camp Blankingship Phase I

After visiting the site in 2016 with Father Gerardo Logides, St. Luke's, Darien CT held a fund-raiser to initiate construction of Camp Blankingship, Phase I. St. Luke's is now thrilled to announce that it has raised $60,000 for the project. Phase I includes the construction of the Worship Center(which will be a multi-purpose space), 2 dormitories, an outdoor kitchen, and related infrastructure. Total funds needed for this phase are estimated at $500,000 - so we still need more churches and individuals across the country to help. Phase I will enable Blankingship to be operational for 36 people, and importantly, will begin to finally realize the vision of Bishop Blankingship, who purchased the property for this purpose in 1957. For full details on Camp Blankingship, please click the 'HowYou Can Help' section of the website. In the meantime, THANK YOU to the generous parishioners of St. Luke's!

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