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Bishop Griselda is ordaining three new priests in Cuba.

Please see the message below from Bishop Griselda.

"Beloved diocesan family, I wish you health and Peace in this blessed Easter Season of the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I have the pleasure of letting you know that the Permanent Committee, in its recent meeting, pursuant to the Constitution and the Canons of our Church, in its declaration directed to me personally, issued the recommendation for the Ordination to the Sacred Ministry of the Diaconate for the following candidates: Barbaro Roberto Faya Amaro, Juan Carlos Diez Moreira, y Gil Fat Yero"

Bishop Griselda ordained Barbaro Roberto Faya Amaro at 6:00 PM, Sunday, April 30, at Santa Maria Virgen in Itabo. Juan Carlos Diez Moreira was ordained Saturday, May 6, in the Church of the Holy Trinity in los Arabos. The ordination of Brother Gil Fat will take place in June.

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