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San Marcos Episcopal Church 

Holguín, Cuba

Seminarian Gil Fat Yero leads the church, under the pastoral supervision of Rev. Halbert Pons Santana

This parish was founded by Bishop Ulises Agüero Prendes in 2006. It is one of the “Young” congregations in the Eastern part of the Diocese of Cuba founded during the “historical silence” of our church in this part of the country. In 2011 it was recognized as a mission of the Episcopal Church of Cuba. 

This is a community that lacks a worship space and currently meets in the living room of a family, whose members have generously welcomed the mission.  Although it is a small community, it is characterized by its friendliness, and as the years have gone by, it has been growing.

Several times we have attempted to acquire a house for the church, but the high prices of real estate in Holguin have made this impossible. 


Even so, the congregation has not lost the hope of acquiring a church building and parish house to further develop its community’s gifts and potential.

Classification: A

Nearest Airport(s):
Holguín, Approx. 1 hour

- Church building

- Rectory


Cost Range:

$45,000 - $80,000

Current partner(s): 
- Christ Church, Pensacola, FL (to help support building og church)

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