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San Juan Bautista Episcopal Church 

Florencia, Cuba

Rev. Yohanes Cobiellas Toledo, Pastor

The town of Florencia is located to the north of the province and is characterized by green mountains, a reservoir of water and small rivers as it enters the Valley. Agriculture is the fundamental economic activity.



San Juan Bautista is located on the main street. The woodwork of this church stands: the altar, the altarpiece, and the different furniture are elaborated with fine precious woods, such as cedar and mahogany.



The community gathers to celebrate Holy Communion and other services of Prayer. Once a week guitar lessons are offered to children and teenagers from the village.

As a result of the topography of the area, in some areas water is scarce and the inhabitants have had to move to other areas. Faced with this problem, the Church began a project to provide purified water to the community.


At the moment we are working on the drilling of a well on the very site of the church, which is an area where the water table is deep.



In addition, the construction of an annexed living room, sacristy, kitchen, bathrooms and rooms is projected. These facilities will foster the development of other projects for the benefit of the community, such as dining service, food preparation and processing, and crafts.

Classification: C

Nearest Airport(s):
Santa Clara, approx. 2 hrs

- Church Building


Cost Range:

$10,000 - $20,000

Current partner(s): 
Holy Trinity, Gainsville, FL    

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