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Call for a prayer vigil from Bishop Griselda


I am asking you today to join in a Prayer Vigil to pray for the COVID situation in the world and in our country.

Today we're experiencing a moment of multifaceted crises that are accentuated by the contagion of lethal coronavirus strains spreading across the population. It is of utmost importance that together, holding each other, we stand before God to pray with contrite hearts and on our knees. The serious health situation in Cuba is shaking us in such a way that we need the kind of strength and serenity which can only come from on High from God, in Christ, our Lord and Savior. Let's ask jointly pray for His mercy for the sick who are suffering from the contagion, especially for the children, and for the aftermath they will have to endure. Let us pray for those who have lost their lives due to the terrible contagion. And the devastated families that are left behind. Let us pray for the medical and paramedic staff working intensely and tirelessly at clinics and hospital centers. Let us pray for all who are working in one way or another to help those in our community who are suffering. Let us pray for those who are experiencing challenging days due to the increasing economic havoc here, due to the pandemic, and due to the on-going threat of natural disasters.

Let us pray for any other needs of the families in our community. We will begin our prayer vigil starting today through Saturday July 31th It will take place every night from 9:00 pm until midnight. I am asking each family or community to join in prayer every night for a moment during these 3 hours daily. God be with us all - granting us His Mercy at all times and in all places. With Love, Hugs and Blessings

+María Griselda Friday, July 9, 2021.

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Alan Bartlett
Alan Bartlett
Jul 10, 2021

My prayers go out to the people of Cuba. May God Almighty watch over you and work His miracles through the hearts of mankind.

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