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Santa María Magdalena Episcopal Church 

Favorito, Martí, Matanzas, Cuba

Roberto Faya is the Lay Minister under the pastoral care of Rev. Gerardo Logildes Coroas

The Church is located in the village of Favorito in the northwest of Cuba. According to their inhabitants, the village never had the experience of living the Christian faith, so the mission of the Episcopal Church was able to offer the people a new spiritual meaning.



The new mission has strengthened its pastoral and missionary work thanks to the formation and discipleship of new local leaders, which has allowed the development of various ministries such as Evangelization, Discipleship, Stewardship and Diakonia. The Church has a Pastoral Program for adolescents, as well as organized groups of children and women. Local leaders participate in studies of the New Ministries Program offered by the Diocese to the laity and in the Bachillerato Course in Christian Education of the Evangelical Seminary of Theology.


The Church has strong fellowship with St. John's Church in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with which they share in prayer, celebration and joint work, especially in the constructive work of the new church building, which was consecrated in December 2013.



The Church has an Ultraviolet Water Purification System for the entire village and has participated in sustainable food security initiatives, which has resulted in spiritual growth.

Classification: D

Nearest Airport(s):
Santa Clara, 1.5 hrs.

Varadero, 1.0 hr.

- Maintenance of the church building and rectory


Cost Range:

$3,000 - $5,000

Current partner(s): 
- St. John's, Jackson Hole WY

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