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The Friends of the Episcopal Church in Cuba is a US-based volunteer organization working with Provisional Bishop Rafael and the Cuban Clergy to help them realize their transformational vision of "creating a church that, united in diversity, celebrates, preaches, teaches, serves and shares the love of God".  We are a registered Nonprofit Corporation in the State of New Hampshire and  a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.  ID# 61-1999212

Our most recent Blog Posts

In the 1960's following the Cuban revolution and the US embargo, the Episcopal Church in Cuba (ECC) was 'granted independence'  during their time of greatest need.  Almost all resources and support vanished.  During the General Convention of July 2018, the House of Bishops and the House of Deputies voted unanimously to reconcile and reunite with the Episcopal Church in Cuba.  A transformational event for both the US and Cuba.

Easter Celebrations across Cuba

Churches across Cuba celebrated an Easter meal enabled by those who donated to Project Feliz Navidad - which provided enough funds for both a Christmas meal AND an Easter meal to every Episcopal Community in Cuba.  Just wonderful and greatly appreciated by all.

These are the ways in which we support the ECC:


  • We are a one stop resource for everything related to the ECC.  Through this website, you will be able to understand the history of the ECC; the work of the ECC today; and the vision for the future of the ECC (see 'All about ECC tab')

  • We share all the successful case studies which demonstrate precisely how Bishop Griselda and her team are transforming the lives of hundreds of thousands of Cubans (see 'successful case studies' tab).


  • We work with churches, organizations and individuals to install water purification systems throughout Cuba to provide communities there with clean, safe water.

  • We make it easy for you to find a partner church for your parish, by presenting information on all 46  Episcopal churches across Cuba, along with the human and financial support they require.  We then help make the connections between US churches and the ECC.  (See partner churches within the 'How you can help' tab)

  • We share information on all key projects across Cuba, not only detailing which churches and communities are currently working with the ECC, but also sharing the important projects and investments required to fund the church's vision over the coming 6 years (See 'How you can help' tab).  


  • If you have any questions about how you can get involved, and support this important mission, please email us, or call us using the information below.

Thank you for your Love and Support of the Episcopal Church in Cuba!

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